Have you thought about how updating your garage door can change your home’s whole look? Our guide for 2024 on garage door makeovers in Summerlin Nevada explores how you can boost your home’s appearance and value. We share affordable, stylish solutions and expert tips from Infinity Garage Door Repair Summerlin. Everything you need to start this exciting project is here.


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Key Takeaways

  • Expert advice from Infinity Garage Door Repair Summerlin
  • Comprehensive overview of garage door makeover processes
  • Learn the importance of curb appeal and added value
  • Top tips for affordable and stylish solutions
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Affordable Garage Door Makeover Ideas

Changing your garage door can make a big difference. You can do this with a simple fix or a bigger change. Maybe you just want to paint it. Or you’re thinking of updating the hardware. There’s many ways to improve how your garage door looks without spending too much. Let’s explore some easy, money-saving tips to make your garage door stand out.


DIY Garage Door Makeover Tips


If you tackle your garage door yourself, you’ll save money and have fun doing it. Start by cleaning the door well. Remove any dirt or old paint. Look at the hardware for any signs of damage. You might want to update some of these parts. These small changes can really freshen up how your garage door looks. And don’t forget that a new coat of paint can work wonders.


Budgeting for Your Garage Door Makeover


Before you start, it’s smart to plan your budget. Decide what changes you want. You might want to change the paint or add new hardware. Make a budget that works for your needs. This will help you focus on what’s most important. And it can lead to a beautiful garage without breaking the bank. If you do some of the work yourself, you can save even more money.


Garage Door Paint Options


When choosing paint, you have many options. It’s good to pick paint that lasts, especially outside. Most people go for neutral colors like gray. But you can also choose something bright to stand out. Just make sure it matches the style of your house.



Updating Garage Door Hardware


Putting in new hardware can make your garage door look brand new. You could try new handles or fancy hinges. These little details can change the whole look of the door. They’re not expensive but they add a lot to your home’s appearance.

Cost of DIY

Garage Door Paint
$ 75
Hardware Replacement
$ 250
DIY Maintenance
$ 25
$ 5

Garage Door Makeover Summerlin

Updating your garage door can make your home look better. In Summerlin, both look and use of things are important. Changing your garage door can make your home beautiful without costing too much.

Popular Garage Door Styles in Summerlin

Summerlin offers many garage door styles. You can pick from modern to classic looks. Popular options are aluminum doors, wooden doors, and carriage-style doors. These styles can really make your home look great in the neighborhood.

Materials for Garage Door Upgrades

Choosing the right materials for your garage door in Summerlin is key. Steel, fiberglass, and wood composites are good picks. Steel is strong and needs little care. Fiberglass comes in many styles and won’t dent. Wood composites mimic real wood but are cheaper, perfect for those on a budget in Summerlin.

Enhancing Garage Door Curb Appeal

Improving your garage door’s look involves more than just the material and style. It’s about color, texture, and extras too. Add windows for light and interest. Decorative hardware brings charm. Carefully choosing these details can make your home’s outer look better. Infinity Garage Door Repair Summerlin says these details really matter.



SteelDurable, low-maintenanceYes
FiberglassDent-resistant, variety of designsYes
Wood CompositesReal wood appearance, affordableYes
2024 Guide For Garage Door Makeover Summerlin Nevada
2024 Guide For Garage Door Makeover Summerlin Nevada

7 Budget-Friendly Garage Door Makeover Ideas

We can upgrade our garage door without spending too much. There are cheap ways to improve garage door appearance. These ideas bring a noticeable change without costing a lot.


  1. Fresh Coat of Paint: Repainting is an easy DIY garage door makeover idea for Summerlin homes. It can transform the look of the door. Pick a color that matches your house and adds a modern feel.
  2. Decorative Hardware: Try adding fake hinges, handles, and more. It gives your door a look of a carriage house. This change is easy on the wallet but makes a big impact.
  3. Windows Installation: If you can afford it, windows are a great addition. They make your door look better and let in light. This improves your home’s overall look.
  4. Lighting Fixtures: Add stylish lights around the garage. It can change how your house looks at night. This small addition does wonders for nighttime curb appeal.
  5. Garage Door Decals: Decals are a fun and cheap way to be unique. You can choose from wood-look or any design you like. They’re versatile and easy to apply.
  6. Seasonal Decorations: Change decorations with the seasons and holidays. It keeps the door looking new and welcoming all year.
  7. Clean and Maintain: A good cleaning and regular care can work wonders. Wipe off dirt, fix paint chips, and keep it well-oiled for easy use.
Garage door paint in summerlin
Garage door paint in summerlin with Infinity garage door

Additional Tips for a Successful Garage Door Makeover in Summerlin

When improving your garage door in Summerlin, there are key things to keep in mind. Summerlin’s special rules and hot, dry weather make details more important. These tips will help make your garage door look better and work well, adding value to your home.


Considering Local Regulations and Permits


First, know the rules for your garage makeover in Summerlin and get any needed permits. This avoids legal problems and sticks to community rules. Las Vegas requires you to follow rules about how the outside of your home looks. Talking to experts like Infinity Garage Door Repair Summerlin can make things easier. They help with everything from starting to getting your project checked.


Choosing the Right Materials for Summerlin’s Climate


Pick materials that can handle Summerlin’s heat and bright sun. Without careful picking, materials can bend or lose their color. Choose products with UV protection to keep your garage door looking new. Steel and fiberglass are both tough and need less care, making them great options. Doing this will not just improve how your garage looks but also how long it lasts.


These extra steps help make your garage door remodel a true success. With the right materials and knowing the rules, your work will pay off for years. Use experts’ advice and look for reasonably priced services in Summerlin for the best outcome.

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Q: What are some affordable garage door makeover services in Summerlin?


A: Infinity Garage Door Repair Summerlin has services for every budget. They offer advice and solutions to upgrade your garage door affordably.


Q: Can I do a DIY garage door makeover?


A: Yes, you can! Our DIY tips are easy and won’t cost a lot. You can change the look of your door by picking the right paint, updating hardware, and more.


Q: What types of garage door paint options are available?


A: You have many paint options, from classic colors to bright modern shades. Pick a color that makes your house look better from the outside.


Q: How can I update my garage door hardware?


A: Changing your garage door hardware can make a big difference. You could get new handles, hinges, and other details that suit your style and budget.


Q: What are the best budget-friendly garage door materials for Summerlin?


A: In Summerlin, consider steel, aluminum, and composite wood. These materials are durable, low on maintenance, and can be styled to match your taste.


Q: Are there garage door upgrades that can increase my home value in Summerlin?


A: A good garage door upgrade can raise your home’s value. By using quality materials and modern designs, you’ll attract potential buyers.


Q: How should I budget for a garage door makeover?


A: Figure out your budget and what’s most important for your door’s look. Concentrate on updates like paint and hardware first. Talk to Infinity Garage Door Repair Summerlin for tips on saving money.


Q: What are some popular garage door styles in Summerlin?


A: Summerlin homes often have a contemporary, carriage house, or traditional look. These styles match the local vibe and make houses look special.


Q: How can I enhance my garage door’s curb appeal?


A: Improving curb appeal involves painting, updating your hardware, and adding the right lights. You can also put in details like windows or false hinges for extra style.


Q: What should I consider when choosing garage door materials for Summerlin’s climate?


A: You need materials that can handle Summerlin’s hot, dry weather. Consider steel and aluminum for their strength and rust resistance. Composite wood can also be a good choice for a classic look without much upkeep.


Q: Do I need permits for a garage door makeover in Summerlin?


A: Permits might be needed, depending on what changes you make. It’s wise to check local rules and get advice from Infinity Garage Door Repair Summerlin to ensure you’re following the law.


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