Is your garage door not working, leaving you confused and upset? At Infinity Garage Door Repair Summerlin, we know how annoying garage door issues can be. Before you call for help, try some simple troubleshooting steps that could save you time and money.

We’re going to share our best garage door repair tips to help you fix common problems. Whether it’s a door opener issue, strange noises, or the door won’t open, we’ve got you covered. If the problem is still there or you’re not sure what to do, just call us at 725-266-0534. We’re ready to help the Las Vegas Valley area with quick and reliable service.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn effective troubleshooting tips for common garage door problems
  • Identify whether your garage door issue is with the opener, springs, or sensors
  • Discover easy DIY fixes before calling in the professionals
  • Get prepared to handle strange noises and unresponsive garage doors
  • Know when to contact Infinity Garage Door Repair Summerlin for professional help

Common Garage Door Issues and How to Fix Them

Dealing with garage door issues can be frustrating, but finding the cause is key to fixing them. Homeowners often face a few common problems. Let’s look at how to solve these issues.

Garage Door Opener Problems

Garage door opener problems are a common issue. If your opener won’t work with the remote or wall switch, start by checking the remote batteries. Often, just replacing them fixes the problem. If that doesn’t work, try reprogramming the remote. Your opener’s manual can guide you on this.

If nothing helps, it might be time for a new opener.

Garage Door Spring Issues

Garage door springs can also cause problems, like the door not opening or closing right. Torsion springs are under a lot of tension and can be risky to handle. If a spring breaks, it’s best to get professional help for replacement.

Regularly lubricating your springs can also prevent issues and make them last longer. This is part of good garage door maintenance.

Garage Door Sensor Problem

A sensor problem can cause the door to reverse or not close at all. Sensors might get misaligned or dirty. Cleaning them and making sure they’re straight can often fix garage door problems related to sensors.

garage door maintenance

Fixing these common garage door problems early can save you time and money. Always watch your system and do regular maintenance checks.

Problem Solution
Garage Door Opener Problems Check batteries, reprogram remote, consider new opener
Garage Door Spring Issues Seek professional help, regular lubrication
Garage Door Sensor Problem Clean and realign sensors

DIY Garage Door Repairs You Can Try at Home

As garage door owners, we often face problems with our doors. Luckily, many common issues can be fixed with DIY repairs. From fixing doors that won’t open to making sure they run smoothly, we’ve got tips for you.

DIY garage door repairs

  • Lubricate Moving Parts: Regular lubrication cuts down on noise and wear. Spray lubricant on the tracks, rollers, and hinges for better performance.
  • Reset the Opener: Sometimes, unplugging the opener for 30 seconds and plugging it back in fixes minor problems.
  • Tighten Loose Hardware: Tracks and hardware can get loose from vibrations and frequent use. Tightening them helps prevent bigger problems later.
  • Alignment Checks: Make sure the tracks are aligned right to avoid the door getting stuck or off track.

Before starting these DIY repairs, make sure you have the right tools and know how to stay safe. Here’s a guide to help you decide between DIY fixes and when to call a pro:

DIY Solutions When to Call a Professional
Lubricating Moving Parts Replacing Springs
Resetting the Opener Repairing Damaged Panels
Tightening Loose Hardware Fixing Misaligned Tracks

If you’re dealing with complex issues like replacing a garage door spring, get professional help. Companies like Infinity Garage Door Repair Summerlin are experts at these tasks, ensuring safety and effectiveness.

By doing regular maintenance, we can save money and make our garage doors last longer. This means fewer emergency repairs. So, let’s keep our tools ready and stay ahead in fixing garage door problems!

Garage Door Problems

Facing garage door problems at home can be a real headache. Whether it’s a malfunctioning remote or an off-track door, addressing these issues promptly is essential. Let’s delve into the specifics of how to handle some common garage door problems effectively.

Garage Door Remote Not Working

When your garage door remote not working, it can be highly inconvenient. We often overlook the need for fresh batteries; replacing them can at times be the simplest solution. If that doesn’t solve the issue, consider reprogramming the remote or checking for interference that might be blocking the signal.

garage door remote not working

Here’s a helpful table to guide you through the basic troubleshooting steps:

Problem Potential Fix
Remote not responding Replace batteries, reprogram, check signal interference
Signal not reaching opener Ensure unobstructed path, check for interference from other devices
Remote works intermittently Inspect for battery corrosion, consider remote replacement

Garage Door Off Track

A garage door off track poses both a functional issue and a safety hazard. This can occur due to an obstruction, misaligned tracks, or broken components. Begin with carefully removing any visible obstructions and inspect for damage.

  • Clear any debris from the track.
  • Manually guide the door back onto the track.
  • Check for bends in the track and use pliers to straighten them.
  • Tighten any loose components that might have caused misalignment.

Addressing these issues can fix garage door problems and ensure they’re running smoothly again. If the problem persists or it’s beyond your expertise, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. For residents in the Las Vegas Valley, Infinity Garage Door Repair Summerlin is just a phone call away at 725-266-0534, ready to help you fix garage door problems with efficiency and expertise.


Dealing with garage door problems can seem tough, but many issues are easy to fix with the right tips. This article has covered common repair tips, like fixing opener and sensor problems. These tips aim to help you solve typical garage door issues.

Regular maintenance is key to keeping your garage door working well. Simple steps like lubricating parts, tightening bolts, and checking balance can prevent many problems. Doing these tasks helps avoid sudden issues and keeps your garage door running smoothly.

Some garage door problems need a pro’s help, especially if they’re out of your skill level. Luckily, expert help is available. For those in the Las Vegas Valley, Infinity Garage Door Repair Summerlin is ready to help at 725-266-0534. Their team offers the skills and support needed for tough problems.

In summary, fixing garage door issues is crucial for your home’s safety and convenience. With a mix of DIY and professional help, we can keep our garage doors in great shape. This approach boosts the comfort and security of our homes.


Garage Door Opener Problems

Garage door opener troubles, like not responding to the remote or wall switch, can be a real headache. First, try reprogramming or replacing the batteries to see if that fixes the issue.

Garage Door Spring Issues

Broken torsion springs can stop the garage door from lifting. This is a tricky repair that requires care and might need a professional’s touch due to the high tension involved.

Garage Door Sensor Problem

Garage door sensors that are misaligned or blocked can cause problems. Make sure they’re properly aligned and there are no objects blocking their view.

What should I do if my garage door remote is not working?

First, check the batteries in your remote. If that doesn’t solve the problem, try reprogramming the remote or look for any interference that might be affecting the signal.

Why is my garage door making strange noises?

Unusual sounds can mean a few things, like loose parts, worn rollers, or not enough lubrication. Regular checks and maintenance can help spot and fix these issues.

How can I fix my garage door if it has come off track?

Look for any blocks or breaks in the tracks. Try to realign the door if you can. If it’s damaged, replace it. Sometimes, you’ll need a pro to make sure it’s safe and working right.

Why isn’t my garage door opening or closing properly?

There could be several reasons, like sensor problems, broken springs, or opener issues. Check the sensors first to make sure they’re working right. If it’s still not working, look at the springs and opener.

What tools do I need for basic DIY garage door repairs?

For simple repairs, you’ll need a flathead screwdriver, wrench set, pliers, and some lubricant. Always follow safety tips to avoid getting hurt while fixing your garage door.

How often should I perform garage door maintenance?

It’s a good idea to do regular maintenance at least twice a year. This includes oiling moving parts, tightening any loose hardware, and checking the tracks and sensors.

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